Puppy Visits and Elderly Dogs

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Puppy Visits

If your new puppy has arrived and you need help providing them with food and company at regular intervals, or want them to practise their basic toilet training and learn to interact and socialise, then this is the service we offer.

We will come to your home and spend time with your new puppy.  This will include, basic training and interaction, toilet training and general playtime.  We can also feed the puppy, if this is required and clean up any little accidents.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, I will then tailor a plan with you and we will work together with socialising your puppy with other dogs.

Puppy visits can be once or twice a day and we can do 30 min or 60 min visits.

Elderly Dogs

At Hounds 2 Hooves we understand that when a dog comes to their later stage in life then we need to offer a tailored service to suit their special requirements. Your dog may only require a drop-in and toilet break or a one to one solo walk for 20 minutes. 

We love animals

From hounds to hooves, we love and care for your animal as if it were our own.